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How to Clean and Maintain Bonsai Pots

Part 28 of a series by Eugene Howell

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Bonsai at the Temple de la littératureThe bonsai pot is not just for holding the soil in which the bonsai grows. The pot’s appearance is very important to the overall impression your bonsai gives to the viewer who’s admiring it. We covered pot selection in part 13

Today however, I want to talk about cleaning a bonsai pot. Granted, while your bonsai sits in your own backyard, it’s likely that you’ll be the only one looking at it and therefore dirty pots may not be something of much concern. However, when it comes time to display your bonsai trees, whether in a show, exhibit, or even a club meeting, it’s important to clean up the pot so that it adds to the impressiveness of the bonsai.
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Bonsai Pot Selection

Part 13 of a series by Eugene Howell

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Bonsai Pot SelectionBonsai pots come in so many shapes and sizes that it can sometimes be difficult to decide which pot to put your tree in. This is particularly true for people who are new to the art of bonsai. Some of the factors in bonsai pot selection are obvious, such as selecting a pot capable of holding the volume of roots your tree has. But there are several very important artistic considerations in bonsai pot selection that have been handed down through generations of experience and expertise from Japanese bonsai masters. By applying these rules you can have a bonsai tree that’s perfectly complimented by the pot it sits in.

First of all, there is a bonsai rule concerning the relationship of the size of the pot to the size of the tree. Therefore, you should always style and shape the tree first before selecting the proper sized pot.
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