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How To Look After a Bonsai Tree Indoors

Indoor BonsaiWhen caring for a bonsai tree indoors, it’s very important to first know what species of tree it is and what the needs are for that kind of plant.

The bonsai tree does not know it’s a bonsai. It only knows that it’s a tree. So if you have a Juniper bonsai, Its needs are the same as those of a juniper that’s not a bonsai. And if you have a Ficus bonsai, its needs will be the same as a ficus tree that’s not a bonsai.
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How to Care for a Bonsai Tree

Part 2 of a series by Eugene Howell

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How to Care for a Bonsai TreeMany novice bonsai enthusiasts want to know how to care for a bonsai tree. Some have a preconceived idea that bonsai are excellent for displaying in the house on a coffee table or a shelf and want to keep them there indefinitely. Those that do so are totally ignoring the role that light plays in the health and growth of a bonsai.
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