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How to Care for Bonsai

Part 3 of a series by Eugene Howell

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How to Care for BonsaiOf the four basic requirements for keeping a bonsai tree healthy, we’ve already discussed the first two in this series and they’re linked to at the bottom of this page. Today, while discussing how to care for bonsai, we’re going to talk about water.

All bonsai enthusiasts and gardeners intuitively understand that a plant needs water to survive. In fact, the lack of water will kill a plant faster than any other lacking need.

For the bonsai grower the question becomes “how much water should I give it and how much is too much?” Some people believe that if a little water is good, then more water is better. Unfortunately this is not the case as evidenced by the fact that most houseplants die from one cause, too much water. The interesting thing is that a plant getting too much water will show the same symptoms as one getting too little. To understand why, we need to know how roots function.
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