Hello world!

Bonsai treeThis post marks the launch of this website,

Welcome! Let’s talk about bonsai. The Bonsai Garden Podcast is a series of audio recordings of interviews with outstanding bonsai artists, bonsai society leaders, bonsai nursery growers and general bonsai enthusiasts.

The site also includes information articles, how-to articles and bonsai product reviews.

The photo gallery contains images captured at public bonsai displays, bonsai conventions and private bonsai collections.

If you’re an experienced bonsai artist I’d like to invite you to be a guest on this program. By doing so you can share with others the enjoyment of this hobby. You can also use it as an opportunity to promote your own bonsai related website or activities. So, please consider coming onto the program as a guest. During our phone call we can talk about anything bonsai related. It’s not live, so don’t worry about speaking in front of people; There’s no one except me.

It’s my hope that this podcast and website will help bring together all those who are talented bonsai artists as well as to spread the word about this hobby to those who are just getting started.

The Bonsai Garden Podcast